JR800 high level server rack cabinet
webpage updated on August 28, 2015

JR800 designed with 800mm external width but 19" rackmount internal width as standard, the two side of cabinet can be installed optional aluminum vertical cable fixture, it's suitable for Cable TV's cable routing solution, at two side of spaces they can be built with two more 100mm aluminum vertical cable fixtures (JR800 wide cabinet's optional part), the cabinet's depth has three types (900mm~1000mm~1100mm), four side comes with air flow vent holes in order to dissipate heat out of cabinet, the main construction comes with bottom cover plate, aluminum made ADC-12 three-way connection, top and bottom frame, major frame with aluminum extrusion, rackmount square mounting hole holdings, each U display label that helps rackmount server chassis installation with cabinet, horizontal enhanced holdings to make the whole mechanism stronger, AC110V~220V-15A eight inlet power strip as standard, main frame stainless steel screws, removable front and rear door and side panels with honey comb vent holes and helps the cooling very well, all front and rear door equipped with keylock, active wheels with brake, level foot, M5(M6)capture nuts and rackmount panel screws as standard parts.


JR800 series has specially designed with two 120mm x 25mm high speed but low noise AC 110V or 220V fans
(maximum can be installed with totally 8 fans). The front and rear door are designed with honey comb air vent holes with elegant and durable mechanism that helps the heat out of the cabinet inside. The removable side panels are also designed with air vent holes that can quickly help the air flow from inside to outside (cool air in and hot air out). The brand new style design, high durable quality but light weight.

* Two 120mm x 25mm high speed / low noise AC 110V~220V fans (max. 8 fans)
* Industrial grade aluminum main frame mechanism design
* With every U display label that helps rackmount chassis installation
* Front and rear door with honey comb vent holes, air flow efficiency 85%
* Compatible with IBM, COMPAQ, HP, DELL, NEC, ACER rackmount chassis
* UL and CE approval certified
* EMC approval certifided (EMC compatibility passed)
* Military vibration test MIL-STD-810E certified (by 47U 1200mm deep cabinet)
* Military vibration test MIL-STD-167 certified (by 47U 1200mm deep cabinet)
* Cabinet heavy durability test 2000KG certified (by SGS laboratory)
* Cabinet Shelf heavy durability test 200KG certified (by SGS laboratory)

19" cabinet / Model No inside H (mm)  outside H (mm) inside D (mm)  outside D (mm)  outside W (mm) U
JR800-45U-90/100/110 2001 2166 811/911/1011 900/1000/1100 800 45U
JR800-42U-90/100/110 1867 2033 811/911/1011 900/1000/1100 800 42U
JR800-41U-90/100/110 1823 1989 811/911/1011 900/1000/1100 800 41U
JR800-35U-90/100/110 1556 1722 811/911/1011 900/1000/1100 800 35U
JR800-30U-90/100/110 1333 1499 811/911/1011 900/1000/1100 800 30U
JR800-25U-90/100/110 1112 1278 811/911/1011 900/1000/1100 800 25U
JR800-20U-90/100/110 889 1055 811/911/1011 900/1000/1100 800 20U
JR800-15U-90/100/110 667 833 811/911/1011 900/1000/1100 800 15U

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