Design announcement dated on August 17, 2016, webpage updated on April 09, 2018


NAS, Cloud, Workstation, Desktop, MiniTower, Wallmount, hotswap solution

Micro ATX motherboard form factor, Intel X99 compliant and Intel LGA1150 platform recommended
The most particular feature of this product is designed as multifunctional applications, the Desktop mode is suitable for enterprise server application, the MiniTower mode also applies to workstation computing applications, the Wallmount mode for industrial controls and NVR surveillance systems (wallmount bracket is option), the Hotswap HDD mode is applicable to wireless WiFi transmissions as well as Cloud NAS Storage. This chassis can support maximum 12 x 2.5" or 5 x 3.5" hotswap HDD device, and 2 x 2.5" hotswap HDD as well as 1 x 3.5" internal HDD drive. Rugged 1.2mm thickness SGCC sheet metal constructed. In addition, the front bezel is also equipped with quick release dust filter device which effectively keeps away from dust. The expansion-card functions are also excellent that can support dual-layer graphic card as well, welcome for distribution.










* Storage space: 3 x 5.25" ODD, 4 x 3.5" HDD, 1 x 3.5" FDD (MicroATX MB mode)

* Storage space: 3 x 5.25" ODD, 4 x 3.5" HDD, 1 x 3.5" FDD or HDD (MINI-ITX MB mode)

* The main sheet metal constructed by 1.2mm ~ 2.0mm SGCC mechanism
* Equipped with aluminum alloy butterfly keylock & advanced door with acrylic window

* Equipped with two USB 2.0 ports as well as internal display LAN/HDD/Power LED lights

* Front dust filter with captive hand screws without opening the front door

* Two 60mmx25mm quiet fans behind the front dust filter (option, fan part# D60SM-12C)

* Equipped with vibration reduction for all HDD and ODD, extend storage appliance life

* Compatible MB: MicroATX(9.6"x9.6"), Mini-ITX(6.7"x6.7")
* 4-slot full height expansion cards up to max. 210mm deep (if HDD installed)

* 4-slot full height expansion cards up to max. 260mm deep (if no HDD installed)

* Build-in two ABS screwless 80mmx25mm fan brackets at rear panel (fans are option)

* Support standard 1U FlexATX 300W or 400W power supply (max. psu depth: 150mm)

* Support wallmount installation (option, part# MICRO-100B-WALL-BK, one pair)
* Standard paint: scratch-resistant Black textured or scratch-resistant Beige RAL 9018
* Genesys Group branded server chassis model (with build-in fans) global 3 years warranty
* Chassis dimension: 330mm x 190mm x 460mm (W x H x D)

* Accessory pack: M3 truss x12, #6 round x31, M4 countersunk black x6pcs, key x2

* Package: NW 8.2KG, GW 10.2KG, 2.58 CUFT (58x45x28cm, one box packed)




Black MicroATX desktop-minitower-wallmount chassis

Option A



Black wallmount kit (one pair, thickness 2.0mm, Net weight 0.51KG)

Option B



YateLoon 60mmx25mm intake fan (part# is 1pcs, can install 2pcs at front bezel, fan screws required)

Option C



YateLoon 80mmx25mm exhaust fan (part# is 1pcs, can install 2pcs at rear panel, screws not required)

Option D



5.25" 3.5" 2.5" multiple HDD bracket

Option E



1x3.5" FDD space to 2x2.5" TrayLess Hot-Swap Cage

Option F-1



1U FlexATX 300W power supply with PFC (psu size 81.5 x 40.5 x 150/mm)

Option F-2



1U FlexATX 400W power supply with PFC (psu size 81.5 x 40.5 x 150/mm)

Option G-1



1x5.25" to 4x2.5" SAS12G Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-2



2x5.25" to 8x2.5" SAS12G Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-3



3x5.25" to 12x2.5" SAS12G Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-4



1x5.25" to 4x2.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-5



2x5.25" to 8x2.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-6



3x5.25" to 12x2.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-7



2x5.25" to 3x3.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-8



3x5.25" to 4x3.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-9



3x5.25" to 5x3.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-10



2x5.25" to 3x3.5" TrayLess SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-11



3x5.25" to 4x3.5" TrayLess SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-12



3x5.25" to 5x3.5" TrayLess SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-13



1x5.25" to 1x3.5" TrayLess SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option G-14



1x5.25" to 1x3.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage

Option H-1



SFF-8087 Mini-SAS (Host) to Four SATA (Device) cable

Option H-2



SFF-8643 Mini-SAS HD (Host) to SFF-8643 Mini-SAS HD (Device) cable

Option I-1



2U Intel LGA2011 LGA2066 active CPU cooler Square (2U 3U 4U chassis compatible)

Option I-2



2U Intel LGA2011 active CPU cooler Narrow (2U 3U 4U chassis compatible)


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