Product announcement & 1st production dated on November 13, 2017, webpage updated on June 29, 2018

The Mini-ITX with multi-core processor structure and the newest Intel X99 platform have already the trend nowadays, the most prominent feature of S408B-TWIN-ITX is the compatibility of Dual Mini-ITX motherboards and dual power supplies system, also the 8 sets of 3.5" 6G or 12G hotswap drives as well as four 3.5" internal hard drive space, excellent matching and application of GPU solution. Cooling as standard three 80mmx25mm 2-ball bearing fans the effective cooling system, combines the advantages of multi-functional and competitive price, welcome worldwide distribution.




               stainless tray  stainless 3.5" HDD tray



* Four internal 3.5" HDD bay:

   Two HDD for each system, totally four drives compatible

* Eight hotswap 3.5" HDD bay (eight hotswap 2.5" HDD/SSD also compatible):

   SATA1/2/3 & SAS1/2 (6Gbps) with max. 25.4mm high HDD compatible

   SATA1/2/3/3.2/3.3 & SAS1/2/3 (12Gbps) with max. 26.1mm high HDD compatible

   (additional RAID Controller Card required)

* Mobile rack Left LED: Green power LED

* Mobile rack Right LED: Blue access LED (solid Red light if HDD temp over 60-degree C)

* Stainless & Hair surface proceeded mobile rack structure with security keylock

* 2 Hotswap 6G SFF-8087 backplanes: 1 to 4port MiniSAS connector (6G version)

* 2 Hotswap 12G SFF-8643 backplanes: 1 to 4port MiniSAS HD connector (12G version)

* Equipped with heavy duty durable aluminum die-casting handles
* Front bezel equipped with four USB 2.0 ports (two USB 2.0 ports for each system)

* Three Sunon 80mmx25mm 2ball fans against HDD (fan part# EE80251B1-000C-G99)

* Room noise without fans activated is 49dBA, tested by 10cm distance to the running fans is

   55dBA (including room noise)

* Support 2 standard 6.7"x6.7" Mini-ITX motherboards (170mm x 170mm)

* Support 2 one slot full height expansion cards (max. 340mm or 13.39" deep)
* Support 2 standard PS2 8cm or 12cm~14cm fan version psu (max. depth at 140mm)

* Major sheet metal by SGCC 1.2mm~2.0mm thickness with no burr & sharp corner design

* Standard paint: scratch-resistant Black textured at front
* Genesys Group branded server chassis model (with build-in fans) global 3 years warranty

* Chassis dimension: 19" x 4U x 618mm (24.33" deep)
* Accessory pack: key x2, #6 truss x25, M3 truss x10, hotswap cage accessory set x1
* Package: NW 14 KG, GW 15.5 KG, 4.49 CUFT (75x58.5x29cm, one durable box packed)




4U Twin ITX 6G hotswap server chassis (6G version)




4U Twin ITX 12G hotswap server chassis (12G version)

Option A



PS2 8cm or 12cm~14cm fan version power supply (max. psu depth at 140mm)

Option B



Exhaust 80mmx25mm Sunon fan (part# is 1pcs, can install maximum 2pcs above I/O shield)

Option C-1



628mm 3-travel slimline slide rail (part# is 1 pair, compatible cabinet external depth 700~1000mm)

Option C-2



550mm Slimline rear mounting kit (part# is 1 pair)

Option D-1



Four SATA (Host) to SFF-8087 Mini-SAS (Device) cable

Option D-2



SFF-8087 Mini-SAS (Host) to Mini-SAS (Device) cable

Option D-3



SFF-8643 Mini-SAS HD (Host) to SFF-8643 Mini-SAS HD (Device) cable 12G

Option D-4



Four SATA (Host) to SFF-8643 Mini-SAS HD (Device) cable 12G

Option E-1



2U Intel LGA2011 active CPU cooler Square (2U 3U 4U chassis compatible)

Option E-2



2U Intel LGA2011 active CPU cooler Narrow (2U 3U 4U chassis compatible)


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