design and intellectual property launched on November 27, 2008, 1st production and shipment launched on December 09, 2008

webpage updated on September 26, 2016

The era of Mini-ITX constructed Quad-Core and Intel X99 8-Core CPU platform has been the mainstream nowadays, the fast and stable server system is also presented by this model of design, the major feature of this brand new design is the depth of this chassis has 250mm only, it supports the most cost effective and stable quality, combines with two 40 x 20 intake fans for CPU cooling, comes with totally 2 drive bay with the chassis configuration, fits all standard Mini-ITX 170mm x 170mm motherboard form factor and standard 1U FlexATX power supply, meets regular server system application, welcome worldwide distribution.






* Storage space:
   If two 2.5" HDD installed, one riser & expansion card allowed

   If one 3.5" HDD installed, one riser & expansion card not allowed
* Drive bay equipped with anti-vibration function
* Two USB 2.0 ports at front bezel
* Aluminum extrusion front bezel with invisible intake air vent holes
* I/O front-access mounting assembly included as standard
* Two brand new Sunon MB40201VX-000C-G99 40mm x 20mm intake fans at front bezel

* Room noise without 2 fans activated is 49dBA, tested by 10cm distance to the running fans

   is 67dBA (including room noise)
* All in one fan wire PCB to keep fast system maintenance
* Support 6.7"x6.7" standard Mini-ITX MB (170mm x 170mm)

* Various Genesys Group 1U I/O shield available (option, increasing more items daily)
* Support
standard 1U FlexATX 150W~250W psu (max. psu depth: 150mm)
* Support 1 slot full high expansion card (max. 220mm long)
* Standard paint: scratch-resistant Black textured
* Genesys Group branded server chassis model (with build-in fans) global 3 years warranty
* Chassis dimension: 19" x 1U x 250mm (9.84" deep)

* Accessory pack: ABS black handle x 2pcs, black mounting ear x 2pcs, M4 self-tapping
   screw x 4pcs, #6 round head screw x 11pcs, #6 black countersunk and small head screw
   x 4pcs, M3 truss head screw x 4pcs

* Package: NW 3.5 KG, GW 4.5 KG, 1.00 CUFT (55.5x37.5x13.5cm, single box packed)




1U black Mini-ITX server chassis

Option A-1



1U FlexATX 250W power supply with PFC (psu size 81.5 x 40.5 x 150/mm)

Option A-2



1U FlexATX 250W power supply with PFC (psu size 81.5 x 40.5 x 150/mm)

Option B-1


1U riser card

Various 1U riser card with cable (for example 1U1PCI32LC or 1U1PCIE16XLC)

Option B-2


1U riser card

Various 1U riser card without cable (for example 1U1PCI32L+1U1PCI32L-EXT)

Option B-3


1U riser card

Various 1U riser card without cable (for example 1U1PCIE16XL+1U1PCIE16XL-EXT)

Option C


1U active CPU Cooler

JB15C-8080 or JB15C-5694 LGA2011 or JB18A LGA1150/1155/1156/Xeon1230 active CPU cooler

Option D


1UIO******* -B

Various 1U black I/O shield

Option E



C125B black PSU blanking plate


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